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The month of May and US treasury yield curve (2018 Version)

I did a post on the US treasury yield curve back in May 2016 (read here). As quoted in that post (with reference to a newspaper article): A sign that a correction is coming is that the US treasury yield curve is … Continue reading

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Wai Kee Holdings Limited (0610.HK) – Valuation Study

Wai Kee Holdings Ltd. is an investment holding company, which engages in the construction and infrastructure business. It operates through the following segments: Construction; Construction Materials; Quarrying; and Property Development and Investment, Toll Road, Investment and Asset Management. It is … Continue reading

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Japan Foods Holding Ltd. (5OI.SI) – Is its Dividend Sustainable?

To be frank, what initially attracted me to the stock of Japan Foods Holding Ltd. recently, is its dividend yield. As mentioned in my earlier post, Japan Foods’ dividend yield is 4.06% in FY 2017, and it is among the … Continue reading

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Japan Foods Holding Ltd 5OI (A quick valuation study)

This will just be a quick valuation study for Japan Foods Holding Ltd. (5OI.SI). I have previously did a quick study on this stock in June 2015 (read here). Japan Foods’ dividend yield looks tempting at 4.06% in 2017. Among the highest … Continue reading

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Reaching the next milestone

A lot has been written about F.I.R.E (Financial Independence Retiring Early). I guess we all have a ‘number’ in our mind. It is this target you want to hit, the magic amount. Some people are aiming for $10,000.00 or $100,000.00 … Continue reading

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Creative Technology Ltd. (C76.SI): When the Story is Stronger than the Numbers…

There are many stocks in the Singapore Exchange, and of course out of these, there are many stocks which nobody would touch. For the longest time, Creative Technology Ltd is one such ‘Zombie’ stock. ‘Zombie’ because it is basically a … Continue reading

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I finally have some time alone to write a post. It has been a busy week. Not easy when you have 2 kids with no domestic helper. You can’t really have much alone time to surf the internet. I came … Continue reading

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What motivates you in your quest for financial freedom? 4 persons who have screwed up big time financially, only to bounce back up.

The recent market correction in the US is perhaps a wake-up call for some of us. Well, some may think to themselves looking at the sea of red, “Hey, investing in stocks is actually kind of risky. I can lose … Continue reading

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Love People & Use Things because The Opposite never works

Love People I came across the below post in Seedly Personal Finance Facebook group: Should I make my bf pay me rental fees? A “social-financial” cohesion problem. “Dear Seedly Community, My bf and I are both in our late 30s … Continue reading

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What is at Stake? Does it matter?

Actually, some might say that how we view the recent crash is a matter of perspective. After all, there are many who are rich and doesn’t have a huge stake in the stock market. They can afford to be sanguine … Continue reading

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