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The dividend income retirement mindset is imperfect, but would I invest in a REIT ETF?

I have been busy with work recently; hence less time for reading. Less time and energy in fact for blogging. The most recent article(s) that caught my attention was Kyith’s post. I Don’t Write All These Retirement Income Bullshit Just … Continue reading

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Digital Core Reit: When the tenant goes bankrupt

This post is a continuation of the journey down the rabbit hole from my previous post. Again in this post, I strive to present the data as it is. I leave it for you, to form your own judgment. A … Continue reading

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Digital Core Reit: Down the Rabbit Hole We Go-Management

So much promise at the start, only to start seeing worms post-IPO. That was my initial thought when news of Cyxtera’s refinancing woes surfaced in March 2023. Cyxtera Technologies is one of DC Reit top 10 tenants accounting for 22.6% of … Continue reading

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Did inflation douse the FIRE movement?

High Inflation I am not sure about you, but I have been feeling the impact of inflation on my daily/monthly personal expenses and our family expenses. Trips to work have been getting more expensive even though I am traveling via … Continue reading

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Step-by-Step Guide to buying Fractional Shares using the Webull App

One of the advantages of using Webull is that you can buy fractional shares. This post will show you how. What are Fractional Shares? A fractional share is less than a full share in a company. In other words, it’s … Continue reading

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StocksCafe Subscription Hack: Get 5 years and 4 months of Global Friend of StocksCafe worth S$237 with just S$2!

StocksCafe is a great tool to track and monitor your portfolio, discover interesting stocks, and understand the companies behind the stocks. Benefits of StocksCafe 1) Track & monitor portfolioWith StocksCafe you can measure and understand the true performance of your … Continue reading

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Budget 2023: The one stark item that will be taxed in Malaysia; and why Singapore might be better off not getting tax revenue from it.

Recently there has been much discussion in Singapore about Budget 2023. There have been recent debates by various MPs on the various measures implemented, with DPM Wong highlighting it is a delicate balancing act amid a tight fiscal position. He … Continue reading

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Reits Investors: Time to open up your wallet? Will it be worth it?

In this post, let’s think about the need for cash by Reits in recent times. Starting with Mapletree Logistics Trust and the fundraiser it launched in Nov 2021. Mapletree Logistics Trust (SGX: M44U) In Nov 2021, Mapletree Logistics Trust (MLT) launched … Continue reading

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Webull Singapore Review

With the proliferation of low-cost online investment brokerages in Singapore, Webull is the latest launch in this growing market. Launched in 2022, Webull Securities (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. aspires to expand and serve the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region having Singapore as the … Continue reading

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Active vs. Passive Investing: Which suit you?

Occasionally I would question why don’t just DCA into a broad base low-cost S&P 500 ETF, World ETF, or the STI ETF, and not think about portfolio asset allocations since I invest in individual stocks. By the way, I am … Continue reading

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