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Should I do voluntary contributions to my 3 CPF accounts or do voluntary housing refunds to my CPF OA account or purchase Singapore Saving Bonds?

CPF accounts, Singapore Saving bonds or SGS bonds and bank deposits are readily accessible to Singapore citizens and Permanent Residents, and I am sure many are familiar with them. I guess when it comes to the CPF account, we will face … Continue reading

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Short update on Portfolio

Just some updates on my portfolio. I have not been very active in investing so far this year. Nevertheless, I have been an avid reader of news, while at the same time doing some minor adjustments to my portfolio. I … Continue reading

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Stories from Blogophere & Videosphere: Losses from Crypto & Stocks and Lessons learnt

2021 was a good year for stocks and crypto. So far, 2022 is not so good (for lack of a better word). With the high inflationary and rising interest rate environment, geopolitical tensions, there seems to be a never-ending stream … Continue reading

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The Great Resignation Wave: 2 Singapore Financial Bloggers who just recently left their jobs and here’s a look at their net worth and passive income

The Great Resignation Wave In the working world, trends such as work-from-home (WFH) and The Great Resignation have become the focal point for discussion (and disagreement) for many companies and their workers. In Singapore, one recent headline that caught employers’ … Continue reading

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Step by Step guide on how to screen for SG Reits with low debt/equity ratios, high interest coverages, and high dividend yields using StocksCafe

I like trying out stock screeners. Occasionally, I would be surprised by what I might find. StocksCafe has this feature on its site, and I find it highly useful for screening dividend stocks and in particular SG Reits. In this … Continue reading

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Why I think Charlie Munger did not sell out of Alibaba (BABA)

First of all, personally, I feel that investing is really a deeply personal endeavour. There is really no right and wrong, and it is dependent on your own personal character and situations. In my previous post, I discussed the predictions … Continue reading

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Michael Burry’s Predictions…and why I am slowing down my DCA investing

Basically, I have been thinking much lately about my warchest level, and also the rate of my DCA (dollar cost averaging) investing to my stock portfolio (esp. my dividend portfolio). Although deep down I still want to grow my monthly/annual … Continue reading

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Can Singapore retirees afford to be ultra-conservative in a high/rising inflation rate environment?

Well, I reckon the short answer to the above question would probably be: It depends on how much the retiree has in his/her retirement fund? However, for many of the newly retired who might not be exactly ‘rich’… this might … Continue reading

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What I read about Digital Core Reit from Digital Realty Trust (DLR) Q1 2022 Earnings Call

The stock markets have been volatile since late last year, with a slight respite in recent days. Among the various stocks / Reits in my portfolio, many are still holding up. Having said that, for my dividend income portfolio, my … Continue reading

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Lessons from Brian Banks

From time to time, I would come across movies that leave a lasting impression on me. Recently, I watched the show “Brian Banks” on Netflix. Unfortunately, if you intend to watch it now in June 2022, the show is no … Continue reading

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