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Selling options and the Evergrande crisis

I guess sometimes the best way to understand the psychology of how our minds work is to just do a little trial and error experiment. The Starting Point In my earlier post (see below), I was going through my mind … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the income strategy (Selling Options)

This will probably be a short post. I am still sorting out my thoughts (on various topics). Selling Options being one of them. Options Income Strategy: How To Earn 10% Consistently (read here) New income strategy Selling Cash Secured Put … Continue reading

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Retire early with a child… beyond the math.

I read Kyith’s post below and felt that it is a well written piece. Much like his style of breaking down the numbers to show us that financially it can be done. Can You Retire Early if You have a … Continue reading

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Step by step guide to selling Put Options using Tiger Brokers (Desktop version)

There are a number of strategies in generating incomes via various instruments. These incomes can be one time off payout or be in the form of regular (yearly/monthly) payouts eg income streams. Many people like to hold on to a … Continue reading

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Thoughts on my portfolio (Aug 21)

There comes a point when I stopped tracking the stock prices of the stocks in my portfolio. Nevertheless, since the world is so connected, and news spread instantaneously, I can almost feel the volatility daily. Probably the biggest impact to … Continue reading

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Is the Singapore Private Education Sector “hijacked by capital”? So what if it is?

Since late last week, there was an interesting development in Chinese stocks, and for Singapore retail investors invested in listed Chinese private education companies, it was hell. China stocks tumble in ‘panic selling’ amid education crackdown (read here) To quote … Continue reading

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Thoughts on my DCA investment for Aug 2021

My habit in investing is to do monthly dollar-cost averaging (DCA) into my stock portfolio. Typically I get my monthly salary at the end of the month, so while others are excited about shopping for the latest clothes or gadgets, … Continue reading

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The dichotomy of the pandemic induced way of life vs the stock markets

Whether we like it or not, the pandemic has in many ways affected our lives. Perhaps I am by nature optimistic. Although it sometimes works against me, I often like to look at the bright sides of things. Likewise, even … Continue reading

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Worst COVID-19 pandemic hit S-REITs and where are they now?

The COVID-19 pandemic in many ways is unprecedented and without a doubt, it has a pronounced effect on the stock market. It has halted the longest-lasting equity bull market. For REITs, it has also challenged the long-held notion among investors … Continue reading

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My Story Fund Stock Portfolio

My portfolio is more skewed towards dividend stocks. I guess it is because I enjoy the process of slowly building up a stream of passive dividend income. Over time it gives me great satisfaction in seeing the cost yield + … Continue reading

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