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Why I think this Hong Kong-listed Funeral Services stock could be a good dividend play for my portfolio

Before I continue, my personal thought is that if you are looking for quick capital gains through stock price appreciation of China funeral service-related stocks, you might have probably missed the boat. The hype around these stocks was already evident … Continue reading

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Increasing returns and yield with my portfolio in a down market

So yeah, 2022 looks likely to be not a good year for my portfolio. Well, it did not pan as well as I wanted it to, or hoped for. However, that is what it is like for stock investments (some … Continue reading

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Short update on Portfolio

Just some updates on my portfolio. I have not been very active in investing so far this year. Nevertheless, I have been an avid reader of news, while at the same time doing some minor adjustments to my portfolio. I … Continue reading

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‘Tools’ I used to track my dividend & bond interest income

“Do you know the only thing that gives me pleasure? It’s to see my dividends coming in.” John D. Rockefeller I am sure many are way more advanced than me in tracking their dividend, but let me share a bit … Continue reading

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Dividends by Month

I was talking to my broker today. She asked why I have so many counters but not a lot for each. Hahaha .. I am not that loaded (was thinking). Anyway, not really a problem (from her point of view), … Continue reading

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Which is more profitable? High Dividend Yield Singapore Stocks or Dividend Growth Singapore Stocks?

I was reading some of my old posts and came upon a post, written in May 2016 about the difference between high dividend yield vs dividend growth stocks. That post came about because I was then reading a book about Income Investing … Continue reading

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Random thoughts on RHT Health Trust

I previously wrote a post whereby I included a short list of my so-called ‘dividend stocks’ (see below). I am sure there are many other high yield stocks, and I probably would have missed them out (probably due to my lack … Continue reading

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Short list on ‘dividend’ stocks

I think this desire for dividend income is always there. The idea of passive income is always alluring. And why not? What’s wrong with investing for the sake of having passive income? Why invest in something that doesn’t produce much … Continue reading

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How passive is your income?

Passive income seems to some to be the holy grail of financial freedom. The definition of Passive Income in Wikipedia, states that “Passive income is an income received on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it.” So what … Continue reading

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High Yield Singapore Stocks (A study on Dividend Growth and Dividend Payout Ratio)

In my previous post, the blogger from Createwealth8888, highlighted that I should look at dividend yield and dividend payout ratio as a pair, and not that many investment bloggers mentioned it. And rightly so. High dividend yield is desirable to shareholders. However, low … Continue reading

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