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Thoughts on my portfolio (Aug 21)

There comes a point when I stopped tracking the stock prices of the stocks in my portfolio. Nevertheless, since the world is so connected, and news spread instantaneously, I can almost feel the volatility daily. Probably the biggest impact to … Continue reading

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Thoughts on my DCA investment for Aug 2021

My habit in investing is to do monthly dollar-cost averaging (DCA) into my stock portfolio. Typically I get my monthly salary at the end of the month, so while others are excited about shopping for the latest clothes or gadgets, … Continue reading

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My Story Fund Stock Portfolio

My portfolio is more skewed towards dividend stocks. I guess it is because I enjoy the process of slowly building up a stream of passive dividend income. Over time it gives me great satisfaction in seeing the cost yield + … Continue reading

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Thoughts on my Portfolio (June 2021)

My personal cash flow for the past few months has been tight. My parents needed more cash early this year. It is only in recent days or weeks that I have some spare cash to invest. Work wise, salary has … Continue reading

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Thoughts on my portfolio

It has been some time since I wrote a post, or more specifically, a post about my portfolio. With some time on hand, I reckon I should pen down my thoughts for my current portfolio, which technically did not change … Continue reading

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Whether to have a Concentrated or Diversified Investment Portfolio

I just read Kyith’s recent post titled “Having Enough Humility in Investing & Managing Wealth” (read here). In it, he mentioned about having a concentrated portfolio vs a diversified portfolio. Concentrating in our portfolio is safer if we have the … Continue reading

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The Market Pendulum

It is Dec 2020, and with some time on hand since I am on leave, I was able to spend time reading on top of spending time with the family. In one of my previous post “Chill and Read“, I … Continue reading

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Chill and Read

The markets have been on an uptrend for the past couple of days and weeks, with dips near the end of Nov 2020. Basically, I am collecting my thoughts, collecting dividend, and just reading books. I try not to spend … Continue reading

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Stocks Sector Rotation? Way forward…

Geez.. it has been a long time since I last seen STI index rallied. I almost forgot the feeling, and it felt good that some of my counters are turning green. After all, I have been staring at mostly red … Continue reading

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My unbalanced bar-bell portfolio

The concept of barbell investing as mentioned by DBS is not new. To quote the below DBS article: “Barbell – the winning strategy Build barbell portfolios with exposures at two ends of the risk spectrum. Seek secular growth themes like … Continue reading

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