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Yes, life is beautiful when I aim to live my life on my own terms

I always enjoy reading Kyith’s blog posts and also watching Graham Stephen’s Youtube videos. The below post resonates with me. The Beauty of Having Low Essential & Basic Expenses (read here) In fact, I am sure many of the financial … Continue reading

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Budget 2023: The one stark item that will be taxed in Malaysia; and why Singapore might be better off not getting tax revenue from it.

Recently there has been much discussion in Singapore about Budget 2023. There have been recent debates by various MPs on the various measures implemented, with DPM Wong highlighting it is a delicate balancing act amid a tight fiscal position. He … Continue reading

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Increasing returns and yield with my portfolio in a down market

So yeah, 2022 looks likely to be not a good year for my portfolio. Well, it did not pan as well as I wanted it to, or hoped for. However, that is what it is like for stock investments (some … Continue reading

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Stories from Blogophere & Videosphere: Losses from Crypto & Stocks and Lessons learnt

2021 was a good year for stocks and crypto. So far, 2022 is not so good (for lack of a better word). With the high inflationary and rising interest rate environment, geopolitical tensions, there seems to be a never-ending stream … Continue reading

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The Great Resignation Wave: 2 Singapore Financial Bloggers who just recently left their jobs and here’s a look at their net worth and passive income

The Great Resignation Wave In the working world, trends such as work-from-home (WFH) and The Great Resignation have become the focal point for discussion (and disagreement) for many companies and their workers. In Singapore, one recent headline that caught employers’ … Continue reading

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Can Singapore retirees afford to be ultra-conservative in a high/rising inflation rate environment?

Well, I reckon the short answer to the above question would probably be: It depends on how much the retiree has in his/her retirement fund? However, for many of the newly retired who might not be exactly ‘rich’… this might … Continue reading

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What is your mojo in your quest for financial freedom?

When I have time, I like to read. Most of the time I would catch up with business news. This is essential especially if I intend to buy stocks at a discount (due to some news which I view as … Continue reading

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Retire early with a child… beyond the math.

I read Kyith’s post below and felt that it is a well written piece. Much like his style of breaking down the numbers to show us that financially it can be done. Can You Retire Early if You have a … Continue reading

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Is the Singapore Private Education Sector “hijacked by capital”? So what if it is?

Since late last week, there was an interesting development in Chinese stocks, and for Singapore retail investors invested in listed Chinese private education companies, it was hell. China stocks tumble in ‘panic selling’ amid education crackdown (read here) To quote … Continue reading

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The dichotomy of the pandemic induced way of life vs the stock markets

Whether we like it or not, the pandemic has in many ways affected our lives. Perhaps I am by nature optimistic. Although it sometimes works against me, I often like to look at the bright sides of things. Likewise, even … Continue reading

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