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Short update on Portfolio

Just some updates on my portfolio. I have not been very active in investing so far this year. Nevertheless, I have been an avid reader of news, while at the same time doing some minor adjustments to my portfolio. I … Continue reading

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Selling options and the Evergrande crisis

I guess sometimes the best way to understand the psychology of how our minds work is to just do a little trial and error experiment. The Starting Point In my earlier post (see below), I was going through my mind … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the income strategy (Selling Options)

This will probably be a short post. I am still sorting out my thoughts (on various topics). Selling Options being one of them. Options Income Strategy: How To Earn 10% Consistently (read here) New income strategy Selling Cash Secured Put … Continue reading

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Step by step guide to selling Put Options using Tiger Brokers (Desktop version)

There are a number of strategies in generating incomes via various instruments. These incomes can be one time off payout or be in the form of regular (yearly/monthly) payouts eg income streams. Many people like to hold on to a … Continue reading

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