Passive Income & Portfolio

Annual Dividend and Bond Interest Income
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Note: I have only really started updating the dividend income in the year 2020. Hence, the amount reflected for the years prior to 2020 is not accurate, as I did not include many divested stock holdings and their dividend payout.

Bond and Stock Portfolio

You can follow me via my StocksCafe profile page to see my latest portfolio (allocations in percentage).

A brief summary of my stock portfolio:

It basically consists of a Dividend Portfolio and a Story Fund. The Dividend portfolio consists of 2 parts: Singapore Portfolio and Hong Kong Portfolio. The Story Fund consists of US and Hong Kong-listed growth stocks.
The stocks within each portfolio might have changed (as I don’t normally update this page). Nevertheless, I do not frequently change the stock holdings in my portfolio.

It is sort of like a ‘bar-bell concept’, although at the point of writing, percentage-wise, the dividend portfolio has a much heavier weightage.

Detailed dividend income, portfolio breakdown, and transactions

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Check out my posts on my portfolio.


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