About myself and the blog

Hi, I am a typical guy born in 1976. You can call me ‘T’.


  1. Family: I have a lovely wife and 2 kids (a boy and a girl). To me, they are the best thing that happened in my life.
  2. Work: I’m working full-time in the construction industry.
  3. Interests: I like to swim, draw and read up on financial articles.

However, most importantly, I did not study finance or economics. I am also not working in the finance industry, so pardon the many errors and misinformation that are found in my blog posts. My posts are not recommendations for any investment. Please do your own research before buying.

Well, basically I treat the posts as records of my personal thoughts and I do not mind sharing them… I don’t consider myself an expert. To me, investing is a journey, and I am forever learning. So having this blog helps me to think and to refer back when there is a need to.


I have managed to fully pay back my 5-figure student loan. And my wife and I have fully cleared our 6-figure HDB mortgage. Yes, a debt free life is so much better! And I do believe we can reach financial freedom… eventually.

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  • About my blog? Check out this video clip.
  • To know how I first started out my investing journey, check out this post.
  • To know how I find the right company to invest in, check out this post.
  • Check out my Facebook page too.

Do leave a note, and tell me what you think of the blog.

7 Responses to About myself and the blog

  1. Rolf Suey says:

    Hi Apenquotes,

    I read your blog and I really like it.
    Design-wise, it is clean, neat and tidy.
    Contents-wise, it’s remarkable how comprehensive your analysis is in each of your article. The effort you put into each article exudes not just hardwork but down to earth sincerity!


    *Clap Clap!*

    By the way, can I add you to my blog list?


  2. Katrina Karim says:

    Warm greetings. I was wondering if SingSaver.com.sg can contribute weekly editorials about personal finance? Thank you so very much, Kat.

    SingSaver.com.sg Ι Singapore’s #1 financial comparison platform
    A part of the CompareAsiaGroup Ι Asia’s #1 financial comparison platform
    Mobile +65 9844 6618 Ι Email katrina.karim@singsaver.com.sg Ι Skype katrinakarim1 Ι LinkedIn http://bit.ly/1nJ2Nxg


  3. WIN says:

    Hi, I am a new blogger. By the way, I am Yichen, the one talked to you in investing note. I also want to add you to my blog list. Can I do it? Thanks.


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