Reached the next milestone!

I remembered in late April 2018, I did a post about aiming to reach the next milestone in net worth, but did not (read here).

Well, just want to write a short note here. It has been a difficult journey, littered with misses (and poor stock performance). My stock portfolio still looks bad, given that sentiment is generally low with the Coronavirus situation and low growth forecast in the near future for Hong Kong, Singapore and China.

Nevertheless, for some time now, I have decided not to rely too much on stocks and just grow my net worth base on my active job income (and bonds).

Finally today, with the latest update from my CPF account (and this month’s contribution), I finally reached my targetted financial Milestone! And that is excluding the value of the property I am staying in, which is fully paid for.

This amount may not be much for some people, but that is not the point.


Just want to drop a short note to me.

Look forward to celebrating my daughter’s birthday next month. 🙂


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8 Responses to Reached the next milestone!

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  2. Mrsspoon says:

    What is the target milestone? Share please?


  3. vavaivivian says:


    Congratulation. But which milestone do you achieved? I’ve read the reff article but wasn’t found any amount (or do I skip the amount? 😂😁)


    • apenquotes says:

      Oh I didn’t want to state the exact amount. But it is an amount I aimed for when I first started working.
      And since my starting pay then was low and I did not know what was my future increment was like…And since I did not factor in CPF and my insurance cash amount, I thought I would need 20 to 30 yrs to achieve it.


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