StocksCafe Subscription Hack: Get 5 years and 4 months of Global Friend of StocksCafe worth S$237 with just S$2!

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StocksCafe is a great tool to track and monitor your portfolio, discover interesting stocks, and understand the companies behind the stocks.

Benefits of StocksCafe

1) Track & monitor portfolio
With StocksCafe you can measure and understand the true performance of your portfolio.

StocksCafe is one of the best portfolio management tools available for the Singapore market. Besides having the standard metrics for portfolios such as P&L, beta and cost breakdown, the risk of a portfolio is also calculated.

Key monitoring tools include Alerts and Market Update emails. These emails allow you to easily keep track of your portfolio, your watchlist, and the market in general.

Personally, for me, as I have a dividend and Singapore Saving Bond portfolio, I find it extremely useful for me in tracking the upcoming / projected dividend and bond interest payouts, tabulating the dividend and interest received (and comparing it to previous months or years) as I slowly snowball my dividend machine. There is also an email alert tool to inform you of your dividend payouts.

3 reasons for me to keep track of my investments (read here)

StocksCafe review (effortlessly track your investments) (read here)

Top 5 Performing Shared Portfolios in StocksCafe (read here)

“Do you know the only thing that gives me pleasure? It’s to see my dividends coming in.” John D. Rockefeller

It can also be used for tracking your Crypto-currencies, Options, Singapore Saving bonds, and T-Bills.

2) Discover interesting stocks
Within StocksCafe, there are discovery tools that aim to assist us in our buy and sell decisions.

It also has a Screener, which we can use to discover stocks among the ten of thousands of stocks listed in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Tokyo, the United States, London, Shenzhen, and Shanghai by filtering stocks based on a wide variety of fundamental and/or technical metrics.

Step by Step guide on how to screen for SG Reits with low debt/equity ratios, high interest coverages, and high dividend yields using StocksCafe (read here)

“The person that turns over the most rocks wins the game. And that’s always been my philosophy.” Peter Lynch

3) To better understand a company
After identifying interesting stocks, we naturally want to learn more about them. StocksCafe collects and presents comprehensive financial information about any company listed in SG, MY, HK, JP, and US.

“Never invest in a business you cannot understand.” Warren Buffett 

Free Trial or be a paid member

You can sign up for free.

In fact, you can try it for free for one month (read here). Nothing beats experiencing it for yourself.

Nevertheless, as a free trial user, there are certain limitations as compared to being a paid member, Friend of StocksCafe (eg. portfolio transactions limited to 100, limited screener, limited stock financials, etc). Read here. You can enjoy the full benefits and features of StocksCafe by being a Global Friend of StocksCafe, but fees apply (read here).

5 years and 4 months subscription will set you back by approximately S$237:

a) 3 years subscription fee: S$125

b) 2 years subscription fee: S$90 (S$45+S$45)

c) 4 months subscription fee: S$22 (4 x S$5.5)

The Hack

No… Not using your CDC vouchers. :p

Actually, there are hacks to lower such fees to be a Global Friend of StocksCafe and enjoy the full feature of StocksCafe.

Evan Koh, the founder of StocksCafe is always finding partners to collaborate so that they pay for it and you can use StocksCafe for “free” (usually by trying out their products). A win-win proposal.

For people who are not yet Friends of Stockscafe or have not registered with StocksCafe.

Technically, they can get 5 years and 4 months of Global Friend of StocksCafe, with just S$2 (originally worth SGD 237); provided that they are not already registered with some of the below-mentioned low-cost brokerages. Then again, for all brokerages, it is perfectly fine to ask your friends/families to sign up and claim the benefits as long as they are willing to give the benefits (eg. StocksCafe Subscription) to you.

Below is what I found out after checking with Evan.

Via Referral

1. If they sign up using a referral link to be Trial Global Friend of StocksCafe and test out all features for free for one month. You can use my referral code: apenquotes. Just click here

This should be the first step before you do the below mentioned; to get that one more extra free month.


2. If they sign up with Moomoo using the StocksCafe referral link and fund their Moomoo account (with at least S$100), to get 2 years of Global Friend of StocksCafe subscription. (read here)

Note: This promotion is until 28 Feb 2023.

Moreover, you can withdraw the S$100 from your Moomoo account once Moomoo account is successfully funded and you have obtained the 2 years of Global Friend of StocksCafe subscription. Of course, I do not recommend that as you should at least try out Moomoo a bit. 

Anyway, with the withdrawal, technically, your eventual cost outlay here is $0.


3. If they sign up with WeBull via StocksCafe referral link and fund their account with at least SGD 1 and keep their account for 30 days to get USD 50 to 500 worth of shares (into your Webull account) and 2+1 years of Global Friend of StocksCafe subscription. (read here)

Note: This promotion is until 28 Feb 2023. Next month onwards (March 2023), likely will drop to about 1 year.

Tiger Brokers

4. If they sign up with Tiger Brokers using the StocksCafe link, and fund it with S$1, they will 3 months of Global Friend of StocksCafe. (read here)

Note: This promotion is until 31 Dec 2023.

Well, 3 to 5+ years is a good enough period to thoroughly monitor and back-test your portfolio with unlimited transactions. You also now have a powerful tool to check out the stocks you are interested in (full access to the screener and stock financials). And you can set up multiple portfolios (could be your family members’ portfolios), and track them separately too.

While keeping track of the dividend income (past, present, anticipated).

All these by being a Global Friend of StocksCafe, a paid subscription service that is almost free (via the above-mentioned). In addition, you also get free shares by signing up (via StocksCafe) with Moomoo and WeBull during the period.

At one time, I do enjoy tracking my income and portfolio. Keying in the dividends and bond interest payments. While researching stocks and reading news. However, over the years as the portfolio gets bigger and diversified with more stock holdings, bonds, T-bills (and the occasional covered call options and crypto), it becomes quite time-consuming. So in a way, StocksCafe does help me save time and effort. From time to time, I can also look at the time-weighted returns and XIRR performance of the various portfolios via a few clicks of the buttons. In gist, offload the hard work of tracking and leave me with more time to research and read the news.

Webull Singapore Review (read here)

Thank you for reading.


Sign up for a Webull account via my referral link and get 5 shares worth between US$50 ~ US$500 and Paynow of up to S$300, before 1st March 2023!


FYI I find StocksCafe useful for the tracking of my own portfolio, and especially like to use it to track my portfolio stock dividend/bond interest payouts (projected and due). You can use my referral code: apenquotes. Just click here. Upon signing up using the referral code, you will get to enjoy being a Trial Global Friend of StocksCafe and test out all features for free for one month!

Please follow me at StocksCafe, via my StocksCafe profile page.

Tiger Brokers

For the Singapore market, Tiger Brokers currently waive the minimum fee and only charge a 0.08% trading fee. This drastically reduces your cost as the minimum fee from other brokers (ranging from SGD 8 such as FSMOne and SCB, to SGD 25 for local brokerages) does add up and can eat into your returns.

Tiger Broker Referral Code:: GPE59H

Promotion Period:  16:00 06/12/2022 – 15:00 28/02/2023(SGT)

Sign up and open an account with Tiger Brokers (Singapore) during the promotional period to receive a free GoPro Share (NASDAQ: GPRO), 365 Days of unlimited commission-free trades for HK, SG, and China A stocks, 180 Days of unlimited commission-free trades for U.S stocks, 5 commission-free trades for options within 30 Days and 1 month Ryde+ subscription.

Sign up here.

Typically I use to invest in funds & ETFs (including money market funds).

If you do not have an account, you can sign up here. Please use my FSMOne referral code: P0031127, when you sign up.


I have been using Shopee for a while and think you will like it as much as I do.

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Happy shopping!


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