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The Unequal world of Interns

      Well, you know, things aren’t always what they seem to be. What can I say, cosmetics does wonder.   The ZERO dollar Trainee I do believe that law graduates get paid higher than most other graduates from other … Continue reading

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Work is better when you don’t need the money

I first came across the above statement when I was watching this talk by Frugal Guru Pete Adeney (from Mr. Money Mustache blog). All my life after graduation, I have been in a job. In my 20s and early 30s, I … Continue reading

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That feeling…

You know the feeling when you have the money but nothing good to buy? I don’t know – I have been waiting at the sideline and occasionally seeing fellow bloggers purchasing stocks. But that feeling to buy just isn’t there. … Continue reading

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Old Chang Kee

As stated in my earlier post, Old Chang Kee trailing dividend yield was at 3.45% on 12 March 2017. It isn’t a very high yield (esp. as compared to the business trusts and REITs). So you may be scratching your … Continue reading

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Loading up on my War Chest

I have previously done a post about ‘spring cleaning’ my stock portfolio on 5 March 2017 (read here). With equity valuations looking a bit rich, I reckon it would be good to raise the percentage of my cash holdings. On 11 … Continue reading

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Random thoughts on RHT Health Trust

I previously wrote a post whereby I included a short list of my so-called ‘dividend stocks’ (see below). I am sure there are many other high yield stocks, and I probably would have missed them out (probably due to my lack … Continue reading

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Short list on ‘dividend’ stocks

I think this desire for dividend income is always there. The idea of passive income is always alluring. And why not? What’s wrong with investing for the sake of having passive income? Why invest in something that doesn’t produce much … Continue reading

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My recent portfolio spring cleaning

I recently mentioned in my previous post, that I have sold my Fasternal Co stocks. Subsequently, I was on leave on Friday. On that day, while running my errands, I took some time to further sell some of my stocks, … Continue reading

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First trade done in 2017

It has been a while since I sold any stock. Today I have sold the Fastenal Co. stocks I owned. It is still a relatively new stock in my portfolio. I bought these stocks in Aug 2015. After selling the … Continue reading

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REITs and this thing called Perpetual Bond

I have been reading posts by fellow financial bloggers and articles online pertaining to investing. Every so often I would come across the term investing in dividend stocks. I don’t consider myself good at evaluating dividend stocks. Nevertheless, I hope … Continue reading

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