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I finally have some time alone to write a post. It has been a busy week. Not easy when you have 2 kids with no domestic helper. You can’t really have much alone time to surf the internet. I came … Continue reading

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What motivates you in your quest for financial freedom? 4 persons who have screwed up big time financially, only to bounce back up.

The recent market correction in the US is perhaps a wake-up call for some of us. Well, some may think to themselves looking at the sea of red, “Hey, investing in stocks is actually kind of risky. I can lose … Continue reading

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Love People & Use Things because The Opposite never works

Love People I came across the below post in Seedly Personal Finance Facebook group: Should I make my bf pay me rental fees? A “social-financial” cohesion problem. “Dear Seedly Community, My bf and I are both in our late 30s … Continue reading

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What is at Stake? Does it matter?

Actually, some might say that how we view the recent crash is a matter of perspective. After all, there are many who are rich and doesn’t have a huge stake in the stock market. They can afford to be sanguine … Continue reading

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The Unequal world of Interns

      Well, you know, things aren’t always what they seem to be. What can I say, cosmetics does wonder.   The ZERO dollar Trainee I do believe that law graduates get paid higher than most other graduates from other … Continue reading

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Work is better when you don’t need the money

I first came across the above statement when I was watching this talk by Frugal Guru Pete Adeney (from Mr. Money Mustache blog). All my life after graduation, I have been in a job. In my 20s and early 30s, I … Continue reading

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That feeling…

You know the feeling when you have the money but nothing good to buy? I don’t know – I have been waiting at the sideline and occasionally seeing fellow bloggers purchasing stocks. But that feeling to buy just isn’t there. … Continue reading

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Old Chang Kee

As stated in my earlier post, Old Chang Kee trailing dividend yield was at 3.45% on 12 March 2017. It isn’t a very high yield (esp. as compared to the business trusts and REITs). So you may be scratching your … Continue reading

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Loading up on my War Chest

I have previously done a post about ‘spring cleaning’ my stock portfolio on 5 March 2017 (read here). With equity valuations looking a bit rich, I reckon it would be good to raise the percentage of my cash holdings. On 11 … Continue reading

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Random thoughts on RHT Health Trust

I previously wrote a post whereby I included a short list of my so-called ‘dividend stocks’ (see below). I am sure there are many other high yield stocks, and I probably would have missed them out (probably due to my lack … Continue reading

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