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The Market Pendulum

It is Dec 2020, and with some time on hand since I am on leave, I was able to spend time reading on top of spending time with the family. In one of my previous post “Chill and Read“, I … Continue reading

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Chill and Read

The markets have been on an uptrend for the past couple of days and weeks, with dips near the end of Nov 2020. Basically, I am collecting my thoughts, collecting dividend, and just reading books. I try not to spend … Continue reading

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Stocks Sector Rotation? Way forward…

Geez.. it has been a long time since I last seen STI index rallied. I almost forgot the feeling, and it felt good that some of my counters are turning green. After all, I have been staring at mostly red … Continue reading

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My unbalanced bar-bell portfolio

The concept of barbell investing as mentioned by DBS is not new. To quote the below DBS article: “Barbell – the winning strategy Build barbell portfolios with exposures at two ends of the risk spectrum. Seek secular growth themes like … Continue reading

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What’s next? The Grind….

I try to pen down some of my thoughts on a monthly basis. With the on-going Covid-19 induced recession and many companies which have recently released their half yearly financial report, there are many items to mull about. Singapore reported … Continue reading

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To Speculate or Invest?

The month of June 2020 so far has been ok. It wasn’t as volatile as the previous months (but not as good – trending upwards). The US Markets were pretty much range-bound and Singapore markets did not outperform as well. … Continue reading

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My thoughts for the month of June

Time flies. And the month of June is around the corner. Portfolio wise there has been some minor changes. You can check out the list of stocks in my portfolio in the articles below. Plan forward for Month of May (read … Continue reading

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Further thoughts for the month of May

Just 2 days back I penned down my thoughts for the month of May (read here). Well, I am going to write some more. Before I continue, I would like to point out that I tend to focus more on … Continue reading

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Plan forward for Month of May

The last few days have been good in terms of stock market performance. Quite a no. of my counters have now turned green (with unrealised profits). This will be just a short post for myself to gather my thoughts, for … Continue reading

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Time to buy what you wish for…

There is this person whom I knew from work, and I meet him almost weekly. I remember during the first few weeks of the market downtrend (that was when DBS was still hovering at more than $20+), he told me … Continue reading

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