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P2P Loan & Invoice Financing Portfolio Update

Thought I should just upload a post on the status of my P2P loan and Invoice financing portfolio. It wasn’t all smooth sailing as you can see. There are a number of loans in arrears. However, for some of these loans in … Continue reading

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Why I prefer dividends from shares for passive income in Singapore

Ways to passive income There are numerous ways of generating passive incomes. For instance, interests from bonds / P2P loans / Invoice financing, dividends from stocks, rental income from properties, etc. Personally, in Singapore, I would prefer dividends from stocks. … Continue reading

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My 6 month P2P loan portfolio

I know I have written extensively on my stock portfolio and stocks which might interest me. However, I have seldom talked about my P2P loans / Invoice financing portfolio. In fact, I am still analyzing my P2P loans / Invoice … Continue reading

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How passive is your income?

Passive income seems to some to be the holy grail of financial freedom. The definition of Passive Income in Wikipedia, states that “Passive income is an income received on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it.” So what … Continue reading

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Short note

Stock Portfolio I think I shall mark today as the day that my overall stock portfolio turned positive (+2%). It doesn’t mean anything in the short term, especially in today’s volatile market. For all you know, tomorrow, the overall stock … Continue reading

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Head they win, tail they win… and we are still buying.

You know investors are a shrewd bunch. They have to be, to amass a sizable war-chest. Typically, it takes effort to save up a pile and become an investor in the first place (unless you happen to have rich parents, … Continue reading

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Holiday from the Stock Market

I did not buy much stocks during these past few weeks or months. In fact, I have been spending more time with my family and work during this period. After seeing the price drop in August / September 2015, I … Continue reading

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Of retail malls and banks…

The world is constantly changing. Traditional businesses are slowly replaced by new ones. In today’s dynamic world, the only thing that is constant is change. Let’s for a moment think about Retail Malls and the Banks. a) Retail I was in Bugis … Continue reading

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Start of the new year…

Ok, I have been enjoying the holidays so far. Taking some time off, chilling out with my family etc. Today we decided to buy an insurance policy for our son. My wife also bought one for herself. These are policies that … Continue reading

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Motif Investing, why not in Singapore?

I came across the idea of Motif Investing on the internet and thought it was a good idea. Motif Investing: Money Grows On Ideas (read here) A motif is a basket of 30 stocks you can invest in, which are … Continue reading

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