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Timing (TalkMed and Chipotle Mexican Grill)

Maybe the title should be “Mistiming”. I have a long history of having a bad timing in buying shares. I was reading the recent article in the Sunday Times (see below). The best investors sit on plenty of cash (read … Continue reading

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Raffles Medical, TalkMed, Singapore O&G – The 2 Things these Stocks Taught Me Now

You know, it was only recently that many of the above-mentioned healthcare stocks were darlings of the Stock Market. The allure of healthcare is easy to understand: With an aging population, rising affluence of the middle class here and abroad, … Continue reading

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Raffles Medical Group Ltd – 4 Things You Need To Know Now

1) Sudden drop in Share Price The once mighty Raffles Medical share price seems to be suffering from a bout of flu. For the past one year, its share price has steadily declined from a high of SGD 1.55 to SGD 1.16, … Continue reading

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Which is more profitable? High Dividend Yield Singapore Stocks or Dividend Growth Singapore Stocks?

I was reading some of my old posts and came upon a post, written in May 2016 about the difference between high dividend yield vs dividend growth stocks. That post came about because I was then reading a book about Income Investing … Continue reading

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Singapore O&G Ltd (Questions about this healthcare services provider)

I previously did a post on Singapore O&G and TalkMed. I ended that post with a preference for Singapore O&G. Nevertheless, I feel that since both firms are only recently listed on the Singapore Stock Market, and given their relatively … Continue reading

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TalkMed Group Ltd vs Singapore O&G Ltd

I always like healthcare stocks. I do personally own some shares of Riverstone Holdings. The company is a natural rubber and nitrile (synthetic rubber) glove manufacturer specializing in clean-room and healthcare gloves. I have also written some posts about other … Continue reading

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