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Should I do voluntary contributions to my 3 CPF accounts or do voluntary housing refunds to my CPF OA account or purchase Singapore Saving Bonds?

CPF accounts, Singapore Saving bonds or SGS bonds and bank deposits are readily accessible to Singapore citizens and Permanent Residents, and I am sure many are familiar with them. I guess when it comes to the CPF account, we will face … Continue reading

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Can Singapore retirees afford to be ultra-conservative in a high/rising inflation rate environment?

Well, I reckon the short answer to the above question would probably be: It depends on how much the retiree has in his/her retirement fund? However, for many of the newly retired who might not be exactly ‘rich’… this might … Continue reading

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Implementation of CPF SA Shielding Hack using

I chanced upon Christopher Ng’s blog post below and it got me thinking. Frankly, it is the post’s title that first caught my attention (key word: Abomination… what a strong word to use). BTW, you might want to read the … Continue reading

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