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Unexpected passive cash flow from Colex

During this period with the Covid-19 pandemic on-going, it is not surprising to find many companies either slashing their dividend or suspending their dividend. Among my holdings, I was pleasantly surprised by the recent announcement of Colex to issue a … Continue reading

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4 Small Cap Stocks with min. ROE 20% (Straco, Colex, Nordic, CEI Ltd) – What Is Their Trailing PEG & Intrinsic Value Now.

These 4 Singapore stocks are small (market capitalization ranging from $300 million to about $2 billion), but if you spend some time going through their annual reports, you would be impressed by their earnings performance. And their Return on Equity … Continue reading

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Review of Quarter Results (Vicom, Riverstone, ISOTeam, Colex, Sarine Technologies & Golden Agri Resources)

Actually, I am quite an impatient person. Perhaps it is because of my job, or me living in fast pace Singapore where everything is about efficiency, or it is just my character…. However, I feel that I might have mellowed … Continue reading

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Colex future growth

Colex Holdings Ltd is a company which I think has strong financial fundamentals. However, the issue with this company is its narrative and future outlook / growth (as compared to other companies with exposure to overseas markets). It is one of the waste … Continue reading

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Comparison between 2 obnoxious companies

There are three local waste management companies listed in the Singapore Market: Colex Holdings Limited (SGX:567), 800 SuperHoldings Limited (SGX: 5TG) and Sembcorp Industries Limited (SGX: U96). (read here) I have written about Colex in these posts: Trailing price/earnings to growth (PEG): Vicom, … Continue reading

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Guess this listed company

Before I tell you the name of the company. Let me insert some portions from their 2014 annual report. Yes I know, Annual Reports are boring, but well it is a great source of information. Even though the Singapore Market isn’t … Continue reading

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Cash Quota & Notes on Colex Annual Report / past records

1) Cash Quota I have previously written about increasing my cash quota. (read here) I have not been very successful (have bought some Colex shares instead). However, I have recently sold some Super Group shares to raise some cash (only … Continue reading

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Colex Holdings Ltd: My most obnoxious stock

Recently I have not been buying stocks. No doubt the STI Index P/E ratio has not been exceedingly high, but it is getting harder to find bargains nowadays. Most of the stocks I bought are showing unrealized gains. While those … Continue reading

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Colex: PEG and Intrinsic Value and Notes on Annual Report

Noticed that Colex Share price has dropped slightly recently. Like to do a quick re-look on the trailing PEG and Intrinsic Value of Colex using information found in POEMS 2.0. Did the study previously (read here). 1) Trailing PEG Colex Trailing PEG: 7.94/(25.09+1.96) … Continue reading

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Short note on Colex

It has been a busy week for me. Some of my colleagues have resigned and new-comers are not on board yet. Sad to know that one of the greatest (and oldest) investor Irving Khan has passed away. And I wonder why he … Continue reading

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