From FOMO to STGI?

It was only recently when I did a post about FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), back in Dec 2017. Now I think this post can be called STGI (Scare To Go In).


Currently, I am screening through my ‘shopping list’. However, I feel it is still early (being the cheapskate that I am when it comes to buying stocks). The correction in the US markets though big on a daily basis is not huge when taken in the context of the overall market rise over the recent years.


Yes, it sucks, looking at the unrealized losses I had in just a couple of days. However, I reckon I should be thinking more in terms of value rather than price.

Just find the market super Emo.


I am investing in stocks for gains, not excitement. While looking through my buy list, I have yet to find any undervalued stocks. Darn!

At the end of the day, despite all the news, what matters to me, is still how close the price is to the value (or if the price is below the value).

For some, the Stock Market is a mechanism/system to transfer wealth from the impatient people to the patient people.


Perhaps this could be the time when I could finally get my hands on quality income stocks or growth stocks (even those in the US markets) and add on to my stock holdings, or buy back those which I have sold, at a lower price… (After all, one could see it as about achieving Alpha, right? A better percentage gain over the long term for a single counter).

Hmm.. given the long and huge run-up for US Tech stocks (FAANG Stocks and BAT Stocks- guess it will be a stretch. And this true for even some of the US Stocks I looked at before T. Rowe Price Group, Inc., MasterCard, Paypal….Let’s see.

However, when it falls, it normally falls fast. I don’t ever recall seeing the market drop at the rate market rise (the slow grind upwards). Fear is always a stronger force than greed (in the short term). They don’t call it a Drop for nothing.


This reminds me of the Sept 2015 post I did, aptly named Cavalry charge.

So back to screening my shopping list, and reading my past blog posts/analysis.

I came across this old post of mine back in Aug 2015 (See below). I reckon some of the counters have been delisted. The fundamentals for many of these companies would have changed. But well to me, it is a starting point.

  • Market Correction = Shares on Sale? (read here)

Then my mind thought of other (Income) stocks like Heineken Malaysia Bhd, Carlsberg Brewery Malaysia Bhd, Straco, Vicom, Tat Seng Pkg, Capital Commercial Trust, First REIT, Ascendas REIT, Frasers Logistics and Industrial Trust…

And for now, I have stopped transferring my cash to the Money Market Fund. And stopped tracking my portfolio (kind of depressing and distracting..). And I have started thinking ahead, and remind myself to focus on VALUE.

I am currently awaiting the FY 2017 results from Sarine Technologies scheduled this month. Hopefully, things have changed for the better. Even if it did, I can’t really say how it would affect the stock price in the short term given the state of the market now. Likewise, for Shinsho Corporation, the rise in share price has been reduced in recent days.

  • Sarine Tech is getting back its shine, says CIMB (read here)
  • Sarine Technologies Ltd – Sell-off overdone; restoring its lost shine (read here)

We are still at the beginning of 2018, a long year ahead. Technically, I don’t see blood on the street yet, and I still don’t really read much headline news from CNBC.

  • Dow plunges 250 points, 3-day losses total more than 2,000 points (read here)


The pain of loss is always greater than the joy from gains. Even if I buy, I will buy in drips. Or put in another way, let’s just say, I know my ‘pain threshold’.

Will buy big if there is really a big sale.

“Opportunities come infrequently. When it rains gold, put out the bucket, not the thimble” Warren Buffett

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2 Responses to From FOMO to STGI?

  1. Costas says:

    In my view the markets (US, UK, EU) I am active in must go down more than 20% before we start seeing generalized value resurfacing. That does not mean that (very few) individual cases of value stocks did not become more valuable due to the Fri / Mon drops.


    • apenquotes says:

      Thank you for your comments, Costas. Shall see if the markets go down more than 20%. In the case of S&P 500, it went from 2872 to 2649 from 26 Jan 2018 to 5 Feb 2018, an almost 8% drop in a matter of days. Hence, it is possible to have a 20% crash.


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