Slowly getting out but not ‘out’ out

This will be a short post.

Previously, I did a post at the beginning of the year about my portfolio. Read here.

In it, I mentioned that I would like to increase my ‘war-chest’. Well, it has been a slow process. I have slowly reduced my holdings in some of the stocks which I have been holding on to…. but at the same time I have increased my holdings in Sarine Technologies and started a new position in Shinsho Corporation.

I don’t actively sell (or buy) my holdings. I typically do my trades after work (after office hours), at home. I key in the sell price (which is typically a bit higher than the day’s closing price), and a portion of my holdings and that’s it. And hope it gets sold. I don’t actively trade during my working hours.

Shinsho Corporation has recently exploded upwards … so that was good.

  • Shinsho Corporation: Is the stock a bargain? (read here)

Still, my cash holding is relatively high. Near 60%. I have been dutifully transferring some of this amount into Lion Global Money Market Fund (in Fundsupermart). It has been a slow process. As I am not a Wealth Premium Account holder with UOB, so I can only transfer $5k per day. I could be a Wealth Premium Account holder with UOB, but don’t really see the need (except for probably now). Yes, I get some interest from the Money Market Fund, but it isn’t much (if I think about the potential returns from Stocks).

I have been reading about Money Market Funds. Theoretically, it is a safe and liquid way to store your cash. However, in extreme (and very rare) cases there are a couple of instances whereby the fund net asset value went below $1.

Looking at the portfolio of Lion Global Money Market Fund, I think it is unlikely… (anyway let just say, I don’t think I will put all my cash into the fund).

  • Money-Market Fund ‘Breaks the Buck’ (read here)
  • Why Money Market Funds Break The Buck (read here)

The recent sell-off in the US market on Friday- was swift and for a one day drop, it is rather large (666 points for the S&P). Anyway, as for me, I did not do any trade today.  FYI, it was a sea of red for my portfolio on Monday.

Hope things are ok for you guys.

I don’t really like to time the market, and frankly, I don’t think I can.


I try not to be totally out of the market. So yes, although I have been divesting a number of my holdings (since 2016) and also reducing my holdings for some of my current stock holdings, however, one key thing I did was to record down the sell-prices (those counters that have not been delisted).

I think ultimately, for some of these counters I would like to buy them again if the price is right. When the market gets ugly, I do browse through the stock prices of these counters. For some of these stocks, the prices are really very volatile.

Also, I don’t know how long the market will keep going up or if the correction or crash comes, how long it will stay depressed. People forget. I know I do. Often I do not remember the price at which I sold or bought. Unless I record it down.


And like I said – slowly getting out, but not ‘out’ out.

Am still staying in the game.

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