Tracking my portfolio

It has been some time since I tracked my portfolio. My previous posts pertaining to my portfolio was in Aug 2016 and Sept 2016 (read here and here).


In my Aug 2016 post, I mentioned that at one time in April 2015, my overall portfolio shows an unrealised profit of almost 9%. This swiftly transformed into -11% in Feb 2016. So overall it was an almost 20% decline.

In retrospect, the Singapore index fell from almost 3500 (April 2015) to almost 2600 (Jan 2016) – an almost 25% drop from the top.

Currently, my portfolio has again risen to an overall unrealized gain of approx 10% (that is after excluding all dividend gains and realized gains I received from my stocks which were delisted last year).


In comparison to my stock portfolio in Aug 2016, there are now only 12 stocks in my portfolio (previously, there were 14 stocks). Overall the stocks performed better this time. In gist, the no. of red counters have reduced

Colex has increased its lead, while Riverstone and ISOTeam’s percentage profit remained the same. SIA and Sarine Tech’s percentage loss has increased, while Super Group, CapitaLand, and Fasternal Co show marked improvement in percentage profit.

Net Worth

My total net worth would include the following:

  • Savings,
  • SRS account value,
  • CPF,
  • Cash portion of Insurance policies,
  • Stock portfolio value,
  • P2P loan / Invoice Financing portfolio value,
  • Unit trust.

This is excluding the value of the property I am staying in.

Overall, my net worth value has been on an uptrend since early last year. Nevertheless, the Net Worth value is heavily dependent on the stock portfolio value. Hence, at any time, there could be a drop or volatility, given the nature of stocks as we all know.


Stock Portfolio

I haven’t been really active with my stock portfolio for the past year. Frankly, I am surprised that it is on an uptrend since 3 of my stocks have been delisted last year. I did buy stocks prior / during the Jan 2016 crash, but between then and now – I have only nibbled at some stocks.


P2P Loans & Invoice Financing

I have been quite disappointed with the performance of the P2P loans, with 3 of the loans defaulted. Of these 3 loans, for one loan, the company went bankrupt, while for the other two loans relating to the same company – the director ran off with the money (read here).

Even though the portfolio did manage to generate an overall gain despite the defaults, I have started to slowly reduce my holdings in this portfolio (transferring money from the platform accounts to my saving accounts).


If I divide the total net worth into its various components, I will get a pie chart as per below. Compared to Sept 2016, the main difference is the jump in the percentage for Savings (increased from 8% to 13%). Still predominantly in stocks. However, I foresee this year’s passive income will decrease unless I purchase more high yield stocks.Waiting for the opportunity.

The bonus from my full-time job this time round isn’t a lot.


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