Selling via Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) – Status update (Part 2)

Ok, this will be a short post and will be a continuation of my previous post.


  1. So yes I got my new logo and brand name from Fiverr. There was a slight hiccup as yesterday morning the designer messaged me and told me that he would like to cancel the order as he had too many orders. However, I declined and he offered to do it if I gave him one more day, which I did. So yes I got my logo/brand.
  2. While waiting, I decided to do another logo/brand name with another designer (in case the first designer fail to deliver).
  3. With the new logo I received, I added it onto the design of the package I did. I sent it to the manufacturer, whom kindly suggested that I do the rear side as well (and showed me examples of other packages). So I did and emailed her back the completed packages. I think the images are kind of fuzzy as I had to photoshop some. Nevertheless – packaging was done… Yeah! Well, will see how the final sample look. I have paid them for the sample and shipping and be checking up with them how long they need to ship it over. I highlighted that I want to see the photographs of the sample before they send over in case I have some last minute comments. I will be probably taking photos of this sample to post on my Amazon listing should I find the sample satisfactory.
  4. I have been playing around with the website Fotofuze (click here). It helps to generate clear photos of the product with clear background. So that the product looks better and the focus will be on the product itself.
  5. I have signed up with Jungle Scout (click here). This will help to facilitate my research in finding products with high sales revenue, light weight, low no. of reviews…. (eg. high demand but low competition). Been playing around it. I guess I will spend some time doing that over the weekend.
  6. Also in the meantime, when I see viable products I will just message the Chinese manufacturers to link up and check on their prices vs quantity …


As compared to P2P loans / Invoice financing and stock investing – there is more upfront work to be done for the FBA business. However, the thing is you actually have a physical product. So you can control and change certain aspects of it.

However, the Amazon market again is a ‘jungle’. You never know how your product will perform unless you list it out there. From what I have read, it is not as simple as just packaging and finding the right product. Your reviews and your historical performance counts. New sellers may be disadvantaged.

There are websites that allow people to buy discounted items at USD 1 dollar in exchange for their reviews. From the number of posts and videos I came across- there are mixed reviews.

And research is important – Jungle Scout is one site you can use (but you need to pay).

I intend to just focus on this one product first. Start small. If it works, that is great. If it fails, it is ok (after all I am using my passive income to do it).

With regards to my other income portfolio. I am disappointed that SMRT got delisted. I will also be expecting payment for the delisting of Nirvana Asia. I have been on the look-out for stocks to be added to my portfolio, and can only hope that market turn lower to allow me to buy at a good price.

For my P2P loans and Invoice Financing portfolio – the system is more or less automated in Capital Match. Less so for Funding Societies. However, won’t be adding funds there in the meantime.


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