The search for yield

It has been an uneventful month for me so far.
I have been trying to find values in the stock market and looking for some good yield/income producing stocks to purchase – however no results so far.

I have also been looking at QAF, Sheng Siong, REITS (in general – notably First REITS and Parkway Life REITS) … I don’t find any value at the moment.

Pertaining to my P2P loans / Invoice Financing portfolio, due to the recent regulatory requirements by MAS, the platforms which I have been using are either offering Invoice Financing or Private Placements. I am unable to participate in the latter (Private Placements). It is also difficult to participate in the Invoice financing loans as these are often fully subscribed when they are launched.

I have subscribed to the auto financing option with Capital Match – however, the amount which was automatically invested for each loan was low. I tend to activate and deactivate this auto funding option quite frequently as I do not particularly like loans related to the Oil and Gas Industry or Construction industry. So I have yet to manage to increase auto funding amount beyond $1000.

With the regulatory requirements by MAS, investors are unable to participate in more loans, until platforms obtain their regulatory clearance.

My passive income has received a boost so far this year due to the P2P loans and Invoice financing. However having said that, I have yet to receive the payments from two SME companies. One is in arrears for 4 months and the other is in arrears for 2 months. A bank has started bankruptcy proceeding with the former.
Yup, P2P loans (unsecured loans) are indeed risky.

Well, back to my passive income. Even with the defaults, this year’s passive income is still higher than last year’s. So am trying to find ways to further increase it next year….
So back to the search and waiting.


The upside to this is that my war-chest has increased – either from repayments from the P2P loans / Invoice financing loans which I had participated earlier, stocks which I have sold, my active income (from my job), and yes from stock dividends…

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