Short note

Stock Portfolio

I think I shall mark today as the day that my overall stock portfolio turned positive (+2%). It doesn’t mean anything in the short term, especially in today’s volatile market. For all you know, tomorrow, the overall stock portfolio might again turn negative.

When I checked back my records, the last time my stock portfolio showed an overall positive paper gain (+1%) was in 28 June 2015. So that is more than 1/2 a year ago. It’s a good feeling to finally see it turn positive.


I have been eagerly waiting for the earnings report from Nirvana Asia. It is the only company in my stock portfolio that has not released its earning results. I don’t foresee much surprise from this death care company (whatever the market may be… there is a good reason why I bought its stock :p).


Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Inc

I have previously briefly mentioned about Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Inc in one of my blog post. Just today, the stock price plunge 51.46%. It is a terrible day for VRX shareholders (including Bill Ackman).


P2P Loans

I have been receiving interests from my P2P loans from the beginning of this year and am on track to meeting 4 figures passive income (stock dividend + P2P loan interest) per month. I am not a true blue dividend investor, so my passive income from stocks is rather limited. However, the P2P loans in my portfolio occupies a very small portion.

Incidentally, there was recent news of the first potential loan default in Singapore P2P online lending scene (read here). Another recent news is that Crowdo has opened its lending platform to the public (not just to accredited investors) – however I am not really a fan of Crowdo (given that the lenders are from Indonesia and the collateral are typically jewellery (description in Bahasa Indonesia).



Yesterday, I met up with a startup co-founder whom I have previously met last year. He has since split ways with the partner founder and set up his own company (registered with ACRA) with another friend. He is currently actively looking for office spaces (could be an empty desk in a occupied office) or co-working space to lease out to SMEs for short term periods. In this short period, he has managed to grabbed the attention of a VC as well. Tough but exciting time for him.


Blog Income

For bloggers who have been receiving benefits and/or income via their blogs, the below article may interest you.

Bloggers taken by surprise by IRAS letter on taxable income (read here)




So that’s it for this short post. Shall leave you with this song. Recently my wife and me just watch an old DVD “A Lot Like Love (2005)”.



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