Party starting. Time to leave?

The Singapore Market has been rallying for 6 consecutive days. In fact, the STI Index was up 9.3% since Feb 3 (read here).

It is always good when the market is up and to see the value of your portfolio going up. At one time in August 2015, my overall stock portfolio paper loss was more than 20%, now it is only 1%. Could we see the start of positive paper gain… one never know.

The good thing about keeping track of your portfolio (esp. records of really bad days), is that one day it might turn good, and you can flip back to that bad day, and think to yourself… things do get better eventually.

Having said that, it is time for me to stop hunting for a short while (take a breather). When the party starts, it is time to head home.


I did pick up stocks during the past few months. I did my ‘homework’ on Sun Hung Kai Properties, Riverstone and Super Group, and managed to grab some of these stocks. Then again, I didn’t have a large war chest to begin with (so must make every bullet count).

And I have my fair share of missed opportunities such as Cheniere Energy and Chipotle Mexican Grill – if only I picked these shares at the low price then :p.

I recently had a surprise bonus from my company. I will be keeping that amount in cash.I might invest a bit of it in P2P loans, but will be staying at the sidelines when it comes to stocks investing. There is always this psychological ‘barrier’, after having seen the cheap price only recently (late last year), to want to buy the same stocks at higher prices now — unless you are a momentum investor.

I generally feel that the tech sector is still overvalued (despite the drop in prices), and the private startup scene is over-rated, kind of like a ‘VC bubble’ (big run up in prices even prior to IPO).


Having said that Oil and Gas is still at historical low… hmm..



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4 Responses to Party starting. Time to leave?

  1. Cory says:

    -20% to 1%. That’s a cool recovery.


  2. My 15HWW says:

    Hi apenquotes,

    10% is actually not alot. Technically, even after the recent run-up, we are still in a bear. The party hasn’t ended!

    But that said, your portfolio is up by 20%. Anchoring bias can be hard to overcome if you’re just interested in adding more to existing counters.


    • apenquotes says:

      Yeah, you are probably right.
      Not saying I won’t be reading up and analyzing. Not leaving the ‘party’ technically hahahaha…

      There will always be opportunities. Just need some time to shake off the anchoring bias.
      Finding bargains just got harder.


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