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Feeling low on cash, watch this video to cheer you up


For people who having been buying stocks during this market plunge, you might be feeling the effect of being low on cash. (or holding on to stocks that keep dropping in price day after day, and week after week)

This is on top of your daily responsibilities and the need to spend money for your daily necessities, it could be tough.

With the recent Valentine’s day and Chinese New Year, we all could feeling the effect of having less cash in your bank account (if you are the one buying the gifts and giving out the Ang Baos).

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Come to think of it, be it big or small things, cash is getting hard to come by. Prices have been rising although the economy is bad.

Here are some recent news (see below):

Food prices rise. The Koufu foodcourt near my place has recently raised the price of the desserts, after Chinese New Year.


Bonus has been reduced for this year during to the slow down in our industry.


Then again, be happy that you have a job. Retrenchment and downsizing is in the news:


People expect more in their Ang Baos for Chinese New Year and Weddings 


And many more:

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Here is a funny video for all you guys out there. :p


Hmm… wedding anniversary coming up…. haiz…