Start of the new year…


Ok, I have been enjoying the holidays so far. Taking some time off, chilling out with my family etc. Today we decided to buy an insurance policy for our son. My wife also bought one for herself.

These are policies that cover the hospitalization stay. Recently my son was admitted to hospital, due to high fever & vomiting which started as hand, foot and mouth disease. The bill from the few days’ stay in a private hospital is approx. $5000. That is a lot of money. Consequently, this triggered our motivation to get insurance coverage, to prevent future similar ‘money bled’ from happening.

Ok, despite these off days, I have been spending some time reading. Still trying to finish the book “The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life” – lots of pages to go.

At the same time I have planned to meet up with a start-up founder on Monday. His business proposal seems interesting. However I would need to take a look at their App platform. In addition, both founders are students in NUS, so they won’t be able to commit their time fully into this. Nevertheless, I am always interested to meet up with enterprising dudes. New ideas all around, life is so much more interesting this way.

Later in the week, I have also scheduled another meeting with another Fintech startup founder although he is not looking for any investors at the moment. Given the hype over many Fintech, I am not surprised. I am sure many Venture Capital firms would have already approached him. If my schedule permits, it might be a good meet up after work.

I have started with a little apportionment of my capital in P2P lending and is eagerly awaiting my payouts. I think later on, I might do a post on this base on my experience with P2P lending loans. Hope things turn out fine. Keeping my fingers crossed. I was pleasantly surprised by Capital Match on 31 Dec 2015 when they offered a one month loan that pay 4% in a month! Needless to say, the loan was fully subscribed on that day.

I reckon I am still too lazy to start analyzing companies yet. Recent blog posts by investment bloggers and news elsewhere all seem to be talking about the big picture and predictions of the markets in 2016. The mood towards 2016 seems solemn with many predicting lackluster market performance moving foward, with the poor performance in 2015 extending further into 2016. Nevertheless, some are taking this chance to purchase more stocks.

Oh yeah, the other thing I am eagerly looking forward to is my bonus!! Which should be before CNY. Time to start apportioning out some cash for red packets as well.




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