Guess this listed company

Before I tell you the name of the company. Let me insert some portions from their 2014 annual report.

Yes I know, Annual Reports are boring, but well it is a great source of information.



Even though the Singapore Market isn’t that big, I think there are a lot of financially fundamentally strong companies out there, also there are a lot of companies with great potential / outlook (terrific narratives & prospects).

For many, we may be enticed to invest in well known names or big established companies like CapitaLand, UOB, DBS, Keppel, Jardine, etc or if we take the time to read up, financially strong companies like Raffles Medical, Vicom, Kingsmen Creative, Silverlake Axis, etc, or be captivated by the growth potential of Riverstone, Sheng Siong , etc.

Or we may be distracted by the headline news nowadays about China Market, Greece, Singapore low productivity, etc.

However, if we dig a little deeper we may find small obscure companies like the one above.

FYI, the above mentioned company (extract from its Annual Report above) is none other than Colex Holdings Ltd. It is one of the most thinly traded company in the SGX. I won’t be surprised if there is not a single trade today. It is also in the most obnoxious business I know at the moment.

I not sure about what will happen to Greece or China markets, but I am sure its business will be relatively unaffected, whatever the outcome.

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4 Responses to Guess this listed company

  1. JS says:

    hi apen,

    Since you have colex I am sure that you would have also come across 800 super during your comparison. I wonder what is your thought and your choice on colex vs 800 super?

    Hope to hear from you.

    thank you


  2. Raymond says:

    Hi, what if you take into account its competitors, 800 Super and Sembcorp Industries? I faced this problem when I looked at this company. Singapore being a small country, is there further room for growth for this company? Look forward to you insights on this.


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