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Well beyond the news, quarterly results, local investment blogs, there are other articles which I find useful on the web. Here are some of the recent websites I visited.

1) Michael Burry

I find the ‘Cinderella’ story of Michael Burry fascinating. It contradicts so many norm. Eg. He started out as a medical intern with $145K student loans (and $40K cash), with no prior education in financial, spends most of his time alone researching (socially awkward), has a fake eye, has a son with Asperger’s syndrome, wrote blogs (which eventually caught the attention of high-profile fund managers in the market and investment banks),  value investor, one of the few hedge fund managers to spot the risks the subprime mortgage boom and created credit default swaps specifically linked to subprime bonds.

And oh yes, he proves that there are people who can make positive returns even when markets are down.

If you have the time and interest, please check out the links.

Read here, here, here, here.


2) What Is The Role Of Luck In Success? by Ivaylo Ivanov (Ivanhoff Capital).

Read here.


3) Charlie Munger Comments and the Art of Stock Picking (Basehit Investing)

Read here.


4) Video: Lauren Templeton on How to Retain Conviction When the Market Goes Against You.

Click here.

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