Super Group’s slow recovery

Super Group’s net profit crashed 47% in 3Q14.

Super Group’s financials to see better days in 4Q.

I have always hoped that once the political “storm” in Thailand cleared, Super Group’s earnings would improve. And things seem to be improving on the back of lower prices of raw materials such as coffee and palm kernel oil.

Super Group on way to recovery but Malaysia poses concerns.

The issue with weaker currency isn’t new.

Super Group’s Q2 earnings hit by double whammy

However, to further complicate matters, there is this issue with Malaysia’s 6% GST which will be introduced in 1 April 2015. Read here and here.

As of now the outlook seems cloudly, it remains to be seen whether the management is able to manage the GST (if it is indeed applicable to Super Group’s products) via consumer campaigns and good tax planning.


Am a bit concerned about the other companies which I have invested which Malaysia based eg. Riverstone Holdings Ltd (but thank goodness it was not that affected).

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